Take a normal Sunday, and add some Super Summer to it, making what’s called a Super Sunday, now times that by 4 and you have Super Sundays! The “S” makes it plural, meaning more than one you awesome person! Each Sunday in June will be Super thanks to Super Summer online!

You will be able to use Super Sunday as you choose as well.

All of them! These four services will include both evangelistic and discipleship elements to help engage all types of students connected to your ministry. We pray that some students who have not attended Super Summer will get to see a little of what Super Summer is all about and have a desire to attend camp in the future. 

There is no registration for Super Sundays. 

Super Sundays will be free for everyone!

You can access all of the content directly from the homepage of our website.

Super Sundays premieres live at 6pm each Sunday in June.

Each session will be no more than an hour in length.

We have waited as long as possible to assess the ever-changing situation, but at this time we believe it to be prudent to make the decision to give all of the churches impacted by the decision as much time as possible to make the adjustments needed.

All church Group Holds will be deactivated for 2020.

No, Super Summer will deactivate all 2020 camp registrations.

All current profiles will be saved.  These will remain active and kept for future camp registrations.  We would recommend that each participant keep track of his/her login and password for future use. 

SS will contact churches who had already submitted payments to discuss how to return the payments to the church.

You can send an email with additional questions to Ronda