Building Kingdom Leaders

Building Kingdom Leaders

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In times of adversity, peace becomes a precious commodity, and there is no peace better than the peace of God given through Jesus! 
The leadership of Super Summer Oklahoma is praying together and praying for the churches around our state. As leaders we all are walking our families and students through this time.
The Super Summer board is regularly meeting to discuss moving forward in a time of social distancing. I am working closely with leadership from OBU, Falls Creek and other national camp leaders regarding decisions and timelines.

Super Summer encourages churches to continue moving forward with interviews, collecting paperwork and online registration. Interviews and online registration are still very beneficial for discipleship and student encouragement, please continue to use them.

Keep up the amazing work ministering to your students in creative and innovative ways. 

Registration Update:

As a Church Contact please log in with your Group Hold ID and see who has registered and what has been uploaded for each participant.
Chris Gulley
Executive Director

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