Super Summer Leaders

Building Kingdom Leaders

Exec. Staff and Leaders at Super Summer are emotionally and spiritually mature, have an unquestionable Christian dedication and character.

Have a positive, happy, motivated personality, with an ability to relate well to others.

Able to lead a school or small group with integrity and humility.

Required to attend Exec Staff Retreat and/or Team Leader weekend.

Willing to follow all Super Summer rules and expectations with a teachable heart.

  • Dean

    Leads school, sets direction for theme based on curriculum, sets the spiritual tone for exec staff, sets teaching schedule, teaches and leads through a servants heart modeling Philippians 2:1-11

  • Assistant Dean

    Co-leader with dean. Aids in setting direction, prayerfully encourages exec staff, supports dean, aids in teaching and models a servant leader and intercedes for exec staff.

  • School Coordinator

    School Coordinator Dean Support Staff Helps support dean and assistant dean. Fills the gaps and brings unity to team. Lightens the load for any exec staff to make their school the best it can be. If faithful to intercede while exec staff is teaching.

  • Team Leader Coordinator

    Pastor to Team Leaders. Leads team leaders and models family group expectations. Personally prays for team leaders and walks through issues as they arise.

  • Team Leader

    Serve as small group leaders to encouragers, lead discussion groups, mentors and dorm supervisors to a

  • Dream Team

    Dream Team members are another support role where the focus isn’t primarily the school but the camp overall. Each Dream Team member is connected to the school and also connected with the office staff by attending daily meetings there.