New To Super Summer?

Welcome!  Want to be a part of Super Summer Oklahoma? Then here is some information you are going to want to know!


Our belief is by equipping the top leaders in your student ministry, they will be in a position to make a significant impact in the life of your church. In order to do this, we ask that only leadership students be allowed to attend. To help with this, we have set guidelines that can be used to help evaluate a student’s readiness concerning attending Super Summer. During the required interview process (conducted by the Youth Pastor or Leader)


Super Summer exists to inspire and equip students as Kingdom leaders focusing on 6 core values; spiritual growth, Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service/Ministry.


Emotionally and spiritually mature, have an unquestionable Christian dedication and character. Have a positive, happy, motivated personality, with an ability to relate well to others. Able to lead a school or small group with integrity and humility. Required to attend Exec Staff Retreat and/or Team Leader weekend. Willing to follow all Super Summer rules and expectations with a teachable heart.


Most frequent questions and answers

Super Summer is for students who are in Jr. High and High School and have shown leadership qualities and Christian character in their lives. A list of qualifications can be found HERE.

Super Summer only takes registration from churches. Information will be made available to churches prior to January 1. If your church does not attend Super Summer please have a pastor fill out this FORM for more information.
Registration is OPEN.

Super Summer is the first three full weeks of June.

Week 1 June 5-19

Week 2 June 12-16

Week 3 June 19-23

It is held at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) in Shawnee, Oklahoma

We will be allowing guests for the evening services. The cost is $5 per person.

Here are some things you can bring that will make your week more pleasant:

Personal: Toothbrush, razor, comb, brush, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc…

Clothes: Casual but conservative. 

You are a spiritual leader, so please do not dress in a way that would distract someone else from seeing God at work. As kingdom-minded leaders, we expect students to dress with modesty.

Our dress code includes the following:

Shorts should be fingertip length, Skirts and

dresses – 4 inches from the knee, Tank tops- cover the shoulders and no gaping armholes.

Trends to avoid: *T-shirts longer than your shorts, *Visible undergarments *Tight fitting apparel.

*Rips in shorts and jeans that are higher than the 5-inch inseam rule.


Spending money for soft drinks, snacks, and pizza (large one-topping pizza at the price of $10 each).

You can pre-pay for your pizza each day before 4:00, and then pick it up at 10:15p.m. In addition to concession items,

Super Summer will have other items to purchase. We will have NEW Super Summer merchandise for purchase. The worship leader and speakers will also have materials available for purchase.


These can be purchased in the SS office in increments of $10. The SuperBucks can be used to purchase SS items. SS concessions will not accept credit cards; however, you can purchase Super Bucks with credit cards and then use them at the SS concession tent.

Room: Sheets for twin beds, blanket, pillow, towels, and washcloths.

Study Materials: Your Bible, several pens.

Please do not bring things that would distract you from keeping your focus on spiritual growth and leadership (movies, game systems, other computer driven distractions).


You sure can! Please send mail to:

P/O BOX 61205

Super Summer Oklahoma

500 W. University St

Shawnee, OK 74801-2590